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On Call 24/7/365

Arid Land Communications has a long history of On-Call service.

Starting approximately 1999 with approximately 5 years sub-contracting to Silcar supporting power systems for Telstra Australia, ALC was in the front line during thunderstorms and power outages, doing routine testing of batteries and generators.

Currently, ALC has contracts with:

  • NEC Necare since 2007, maintaining the Government Fusion Network of phone systems for Hospitals, TAFE Colleges, Police Stations, Courts, Prisons and Government Offices.

  • SAGRN Emergency Service Radio Network (SA Government) since approx 2012 - maintaining transmitter sites and providing power support / generator deployment.

  • Ericsson NBN Fixed Wireless Transmitter Sites providing technical and rigging support since 2016.

  • Ventia / Telstra providing power support / generator deployment for all Telstra sites in conjunction with a number of other companies in the district since 2016.

ALC can supply On-Call or other contract support for your business or carrier network.

We hold a minimum of 2 qualified technical staff on call at all times including weekends and Public Holidays.

Please contact our office to discuss your needs.

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