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Theatre Systems

ALC builds Theatre Systems for home and large venue applications.

To date, we've built large screen / sound installations for:

  • St Marks College, Port Pirie.

  • Crystal Brook Primary School.

  • Stirling North Primary School.

  • Carlton Primary School, Port Augusta.

  • Caritas College, Port Augusta.

  • Seaview Christian College, Port Augusta.

  • Samaritan College, Whyalla.

  • Port Augusta Secondary School.

  • Flinders View Primary School, Port Augusta.

These systems include up to a 6m wide screen, large venue projector, amplifier / mixer systems with large impact resistant speakers, cordless & corded microphones, MP3 and Bluetooth integration.

The results are simply astonishing! The price is remarkably low...bang-for-buck!

We can also do the same for your home or email for an demonstration.

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