Arid Land Comms...some detail

ALC is a family business founded in June 1998.

Keith Green joined Telstra (Telecom at the time) in 1979 in Telegraphs & Data based in the Waymouth Street Exchange, Adelaide, moving to Port Augusta in 1982 as an apprentice. Qualifying as a Telecommunications Technician in 1983 and as a Technical Officer in 1987, Keith specialised in telephone systems and mobile phone installations.

In June 1998, Keith took a voluntary redundancy package, leaving to setup Arid Land Communications as a sole trader.

Since then, the business has grown dramatically to include as many as 13 employees, currently 9 (December 2020).

Mel Heneker, Office Manager
Paula Dawson, Office Assistant
Jenna Faggotter, Technician
David Brett, Technician
Simon Trafford, Technician
Joel Champion, Technician
Anthony Dumont, Apprentice
Tim Rodrigues, Apprentice
Technician Vacancy
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