Job Vacancy

current, May 2021

We want to hire a local...

Over the years, we've hired from all over Australia and the World (sponsorship) always seeking qualifications & experience.

Sometimes it's worked...mostly not...and the main problem is commitment to the job and the community of Port Augusta...the commitment often isn't there.

The Position:

  • A 3 month probation on casual rates.

  • If we like you...and you like us, extension of a contract on full time / permanent rates.

  • For the right person, a traineeship or apprenticeship could follow.

The Person will demonstrate:

  • a link to Port Augusta and a commitment to live here full time.

  • a superb work and personal ethic.

  • a desire to learn the telecommunications trade.

  • good hand / tool skills.

The Right Candidate will:

  • have a clean DCSI Working with Children / Aged Card and National Police record.

  • have a current driver's license and be able to drive manual vehicles / vans / 4wd.

  • be healthy and fit - we work in isolation at times, in extremes and on roofs, in ceilings & under floors.

  • be able to work in teams and take instruction.

  • be prepared to learn...every day!

The Job:

  • Assisting qualified technical staff in (but not limited to) :

    • telecommunications cabling.

    • phone system installation.

    • vehicle communications.

    • maintenance.

    • On-Call duties.

  • Lots of travel, with travel allowances.

  • Overtime is often available.

  • We supply everything - we just need your willing, capable mind and body.

  • We don't discriminate by gender, race or age however, you MUST be able to handle the work and it will be hot, hard and physical at times so, good health and physical ability is essential.

What it pays:


  • Classification Grade 3 Electrical Worker.

  • $819.60 Gross per week / $21.57 per hour currently plus allowances, superannuation etc.

  • Initially, the role will be at Casual Rates & Conditions on a 3 month probation.

We invite submission of CVs / Resumes with references and job history to: with a closing date of June 16th.