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Professional, guaranteed data cabling service in Port Augusta

Our staff at Arid Land Communications are our greatest asset and have over 100 years’ combined experience within the telecommunications industry. Our staff not only have the knowledge and expertise to develop the best system for your business’ needs, they have the passion and dedication to providing you with outstanding service, each and every time.

Experienced and dedicated team

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Melissa Heneker

Office Manager

Melissa Heneker is our Office Manager and joined Arid Land Communications in June 2007, quickly learning how to run an office, shop front and work with staff from all over the world. Melissa completed a Diploma of Business Management in June 2014.

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Keith Green

Owner/Manager/Senior Technician

Keith Green joined Telecom (Telstra) in February 1979 as an apprentice within the Telegraphs and Data team. In February 1982, Keith moved to Port Augusta and joined the TIC / CPE (Telephone Installation Centre / Customer Premises Equipment) crew, learning his trade under the guidance of some very experienced and talented technicians. Back then, the equipment included magneto telephones, cord switchboards and uni-selector telephone exchanges.

In 1987, having completed a Technical Officer in Training program, Keith received an Associate Diploma in Electronic Engineering. Specialising in processor-controlled private telephone systems and mobile phone installations, Keith still enjoys doing this same work today.

In June 1998, Keith took voluntary redundancy from Telstra after nearly 20 years and formed Arid Land Communications, working alone for some three years.

Throughout his career, Keith has supplied and installed hundreds of telephone systems and thousands of data cables and has extensive experience in a wide variety of telecommunications services.

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Andy Mason

Senior Technician/Team Leader/Mentor

Andy Mason joined Telecom (Telstra) in 1981 as an Apprentice Technician and worked in TIC/CPE (Telephone Installation Centre/Customer Premises Equipment) for many years. After leaving Telstra, Andy ran his own business, Kenton Communications based in Gumeracha SA, for a number of years. Andy was involved in many major projects including working across Australia on the VAST Satellite TV project and two-way Broadband Satellite.

Andy joined Arid Land Communications in February 2014 as a contractor and became a full-time Senior Technician/Team Leader and Mentor in late 2014. Andy has a wealth of experience in telephone systems, cabling and satellite products and is a wonderful mentor for our younger staff.

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Christine pic

Christine Mason

Technical Assistant

Christine (Chris) Mason joined Arid Land Communications in 2015, assisting our technicians installing data cabling.

Chris works on a Casual Basis, working when needed.

Chris has extensive experience installing VAST and 2 way Satellite systems all over Australia and is one of the few people we know who can aim a satellite dish without a meter!!!

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Jon pic

David Brett

Telecommunications Technician

David joined Arid Land Communications in May 2017.

David has a wealth of experience in Telecommunications working for British Telecom and, since moving to Australia in 2007, has worked for a number of different comms companies. His specialties include AVAYA Telephone Systems.

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Tod pic

Todd Scott

Telecommunications Technician

Todd Scott qualified as a Telecommunications Technician, on January 6th 2017. Having obtained school-based work experience with us. Todd began his Apprenticeship in January 2013.

Todd is now building on his experience and has proven to be a valuable member of our team.

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Joel pic

Joel Champion

Apprentice Telecommunications Technician

Joel Champion joined Arid Land Communications in March 2015 and was employed on a permanent basis in June 2015 as a Trainee Telecommunications Technician and has started his Apprenticeship.

Joel has extensive experience working with computers and managing computer networks, mainly in schools.

With the transition from conventional telephony to Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, Joel brings new skills to Arid Land Communications and will be trained toward that discipline rather than a conventional Apprenticeship.

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Christine pic

John Atkinson

Technician / Electrician

John has vast experience as an Industrial Electrician / Technical Officer with the Augusta Power Stations over some 40+ years. When the Power Stations were closed in 2016, John joined Arid Land Communications on a casual basis as a cabler - with full ACMA Open Registration and a wealth of experience.

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Phil Morphett

Assistant Technician

Phil has a range of skills - a qualified Butcher, a very experience Long Haul Freight Train Driver, Shop Manager (supermarket), School Groundsman / Handyman and, on a casual basis, has worked at Arid Land Communications on and off since 1998.

Phil has a wealth of experience working under qualified tradespersons on building sites and existing buildings, installing telecommunications cabling.

And, he's a good bloke!

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Anthony Dumont

Apprentice Telecommunications Technician

Anthony has started as a first year apprentice on 24/07/2017.

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