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High-quality telephone systems installation and repairs in Port Augusta

Arid Land Communications has been installing and maintaining telephone systems for Business since 1998. 
Originally selling the LG Aria GDK and LDK series, we installed around 300 systems and  we still hold Dealer Status with LG Aria.
We migrated to NEC Business Systems in 2007 and have supplied and installed around 400 systems since, to a large part of SA and a significant number of Government Schools in Adelaide working with a very qualified associate company based in Adelaide.

NBN compliancy - what every business and household needs to know

NBN optical fibre installation

NBN optical fibre installation has largely been completed in Port Augusta and Stirling North. We've just been connected and our 25M service is running at 23.5M which is approx 4X the speed of our old ADSL.

NOTE - business services will be connected after houses are done - but you can order the service now for your business.

WARNING - as the customer, under the NBN rules, you can tell the installer exactly where the internal equipment is to be installed - within 40 cable metres (including up / down sections) - they MUST come to an agreement with you. The installers are paid the same for a simple or complex installation so, naturally, they will always try to do the cheapest job - please claim your RIGHTS to have the equipment installed in your choice of locations (within reasonable limits). 

And, remember that the installers are tradespeople trying to make a living - they are not trying to rip you off - so treat them well and most times they will be helpful and do as you request.

Your computer and telephone systems will not need to be replaced

In the majority of cases, your existing telephone and computer equipment will work on the NBN subject to the correct conditions. In fact, there is NO available substitute for ISDN services on business telephone systems so this type of technology WILL be maintained on the Telstra Copper cabling for a minimum of 10 years.

The ONLY telephone systems that won't work include the old decadic (rotary dial) telephones which includes some very early pushbutton phones, and anything with the old magneto trembling bells...in some cases, if you have more than one telephone directly on a line, it may not ring as the equipment is limited.

You MUST subscribe to NBN to keep a working telephone or broadband service.

If you have a monitored burglar or medic alert alarm, you MUST request a power supply / battery backup AND analog dial tone to be connected on the NBN NTD (the little interface box inside the house)...this will cost more but otherwise, it will not work.

POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Service) line

When you choose a service provider, they will offer you emulation devices to provide whatever service you require. If you simply require a standard POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone Service) line for your home or business, they will provide emulators to provide the dial tone. In this instance, you may need an installation company like us to provide cabling between devices. This is because it won't always be placed in the same location as the old copper infrastructure and will need a new power point installed at your own expense.

As a local, trusted company, we will never carry out unnecessary work. If you are unsure about what work needs carrying out, call us today, and we will be happy to help.

To find out more about our special prices and reliable, trusted service call us today on 08 8641 2727 !

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