High-quality, reliable data networking installation services in Port Augusta

Router/ network box
    With over 100 years’ combined experience, our specialist team provides tailored data networking and telecommunications solutions across South Australia. And because we are a local company,
    you can trust us to provide a fast, reliable service...we live in the town and our reputation is our greatest asset.

    High-quality data networking services

    We exclusively use TE Connectivity (Krone) products for Data Networking, which come with either a 15/15-year or 25/25-year manufacturer warranty (subject to conditions). Our experienced engineers also hold endorsements as TE Connectivity (Krone) Master Cablers.

    Our data network cabling service includes:

    ·  UTP and optical fibre

    · Bridge radio data links

    · WAP networks

    Vehicle communications and tracking solutions

    We stock a wide range of leading brand vehicle communications and tracking devices available for hire or purchase. So whatever your communication needs, you can trust Arid Land Communications to get you connected. Contact our experienced team today for a range of solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

    · Vehicle communications and tracking systems
    (for more details see our Navman Page)

    · Mobile telephones

    · Radio telephones

    · Satellite telephones for vehicle and handheld use.
    Our range includes voice and data phones, from leading brands
    such as Iridium and iSatphone.

    ON-CALL 24 / 7 / 365


    Arid Land Communications provides ON-CALL Technical Support 24/7/365 for a number of customers.

    NEC NECARE - maintaining Government Telephone Systems under contract to NEC in a line approximately north of Kadina SA, to the borders including the majority of Eyre Peninsula. We react to faults during normal hours and after hours meeting elapsed time targets, restoring individual telephones or entire systems.

    SA GRN - South Australian Government Radio Network - subcontracting to Kordia - maintaining approximtely 44 Emergency Radio Network Transmitter sites with very tight response times.

    NBN - Maintaining NBN Fixed Wireless transmitter sites for Ericsson, north of South Australia and Eyre Peninsula.

    Call us for information about how we can provide peace-of-mind ON-CALL coverage for your business.


    KIMBA DISTRICT HOSPITAL - 2016, replacing failed LG Aria telephone system with new NEC SV9100 telephone system at 2 hours notice - working in 1 day.

    CEDUNA FAMILIES SA OFFICE - 2016, replacing failing IPK telephone system with new SV9100 telephone system and integrated headsets for all desk users.

    PORT AUGUSTA PRISON - 2016, providing copper and optical fibre data cabling / telephone cabling / TV distribution, coaxial and optical fibre cabling for the new Aboriginal Accommodation Units and the Aged Care Units / Office.

    PETERBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL - new Administration Building, copper and optical fibre data cabling / telephone cabling / TV distribution /  server room rebuild / and new NEC SV9100 telephone system.

    SEAVIEW CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, PORT AUGUSTA - 2016, on the old High School site, 44 x Category 6 outlets and AV cabling.

    AUGUSTA AUTOMALL, PORT AUGUSTA - 2015, Category 6 data cabling, Public Address, NEC SV8100 telephone system to new car showroom.

    PETERBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL  - 2015 / 16 - major works to relocate all communications cabling and replace data cabinets, and Category 6A cabling / optical fibre for the new Administration Building.

    CENTRAL OVAL, PORT AUGUSTA -  2014, Category 6 Cabling (250 points), optical fibre, phone cabling, NEC SV9100 telephone system to the new Central Oval complex (approx $13M AUD).

    SPECIAL SCHOOL, PORT AUGUSTA - 2014, Category 6A cabling (150 points), optical fibre cabling and NEC SV8100 telephone system to the new Special School.

    DARWIN STAYOVER CAMP - in 2014, Terrestrial and Satellite TV distribution system with optical fibre and coaxial cable to 300 rooms in the Darwin Stayover Camp.

    SA WATER, CRYSTAL BROOK - in 2013, Category 6 data cabling, Public Address cabling and PA system to the new offices and workshops in Crystal Brook.

    ROWE PARTNERS, PORT AUGUSTA - in 2013, 104 x Category 6 data outlets and new NEC SV8100 telephone systems for this site and the Rowe Partner sites in Port Pirie and North Adelaide.

    PORT AUGUSTA HOSPITAL - in 2013, cutover of the new PABX telephone system NEC SV8500 with approximately 600 extensions, under contract to NEC.

    PORT AUGUSTA PRISON - in 2013, new NEC SV8100 telephone system to the Port Augusta Prison, including approximately 200 extensions and Primary Rate ISDN requiring a seamless cutover with minimal downtime.

    WAMI KATA OLD FOLKS HOME - in 2013, new NEC SV8100 Telephone System to the Wami Kata Old Folks Home (for elderly Indigenous people). Approximately 50 room handsfree call plates, intercoms with gate controls, 16 x IP surveilance cameras.

    ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY, PORT AUGUSTA CAMPUS - in 2012, Arid Land Communications installed approximately 150 x Category 6 data outlets to the very stringent University ICT specification including a 25 year Manufacturer Warranty.

    CRYSTAL BROOK HOSPITAL - in 2012, Arid Land Communications installed a new NEC SV8100 telephone system to the Crystal Brook Hospital including approximately 70 extensions, exchange lines and Kirk Cordless telephone system requiring a seamless cutover with minimal downtime.

    DES'S CABS. WHYALLA - in 2012, new NEC SV8100 Telephone System including some 20 extensions, a Call Centre, Primary Rate ISDN and interfacing to Ghost Despatch Software which allows Caller ID matching to Navigation / Despatch Software which directs the drivers to their destinations.

    UNITING CARE WESLEY - in 2011, Arid Land Communications installed a 5 system NEC Netlink Telephone System with 7 x remote sites integrated into a single telephone system using the Internet - upgrading to 9 sites in 2016, with approximately 500 phones.

    WILPENA POUND RESORT - in 2012, Arid Land Communications installed a single new NEC SV8100 Telephone System to the Administration building with extensions in the remote Visitor Centre at the Pound entrance.

    RAWNSLEY PARK STATION - in 2012, Arid Land Communications installed a new NEC SV8100 Telephone System to replace a previously supplied LG Aria Telephone System that had been damaged by lightning - includes substantial external cabling and phones to the Eco Villas within the complex, and an interface to RMS Front of House Motel software.

    FLINDER'S RANGES COUNCIL - in 2012, Arid Land Communications installed a 3 system NEC Netlink Telephone System to 3 sites in Quorn. The completed Netlink System has approximately 40 extensions and uses 2 x Bridge Radio links (supplied by RBE Internet) to link the sites, and SIP (Internet based) telephone lines.

    To find out more about our complete range of telecommunication services, call our experienced team today on 08 8641 2727

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