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    Arid Land Communications in Port Augusta, is proud to be a leading stockist of Navman products. Navman Wireless is a popular variety of navigation hardware and software for businesses – for further information on the NAVMAN range, please visit this link: .

    QUBE and AVL2 tracking software

    Better businesses start with OnlineAVL2 and Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence. Having a comprehensive navigation solution in place is as essential to your operation as phones, computers and vehicles – without it, your business is simply incomplete. No matter what your industry or size, whether you have ten vehicles or 1000, gaining total insight into your vehicle operations has never been easier.

    OnlineAVL2 provides you with the solutions you need to monitor, manage and communicate with your vehicles. It gives you real-time, visible tracking of your fleet, viewable from your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. This is essential for making informed business decisions to reduce your operating costs. It can help with things such as decreasing fuel costs and downtime to boosting productivity and safety, managing maintenance cycles and much, much more.

    Navman devices incorporate QUBE tracking systems. These feature a NextG (or Satellite) device that continuously sends position and status reports while the vehicle is in operation. This allows approved users to track the vehicle at all times, using satellite images. The system can also be customised, so it reports on speeding, harsh acceleration or braking, harsh cornering, rollover or impact, triggering email notifications and alarms.

    The new Garmin Fleet 670 control head looks like any other navigator but is actually a two-way touchscreen texting device, with customisable forms that can be completed and returned by the user.

    Geofences notifies you when a vehicle enters or leaves an area, so you know when a vehicle passes through a town or goes somewhere they shouldn't, such as leaving or returning home. Even better, drivers can use a PIN login and choose between business and private use with the system, providing an ATO-approved file for taxation purposes.

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